Your hosts at Hotel Alpina

Welcome from Elisabeth and Matthew from the Will family

Our primary concern is running the family business – the Hotel Alpina in Obertauern – with dedication, authenticity and professionalism. The size of our 4-star hotel makes it possible to fully accommodate the individual wishes of our guests and to always be present at the hotel. 

The Will family, the hosts at the 4-star Hotel Alpina
Your hosts - family Will

Together with our staff, we offer a unique vacation atmosphere with the highest level of comfort and the great hospitality you expect. In order to make you feel at home in our hotel, we abide by our guiding principles, which are very close to our hearts. We want you to see for yourself how we aim to embody the spirit of hospitality. Enjoy endless relaxation and chill out in our family-run hotel in a relaxed atmosphere. We look forward to your vacation with us in Obertauern! Your hosts, the Will family and the Hotel Alpina team    

Mag. Elisabeth Will, MBA

Your host at Hotel Alpina

Elisabeth Will (née Habersatter) takes care of the guests and the staff with the help of her husband. From a young age, she was determined to run the family business, the Hotel Alpina. After studying tourism and business studies and gaining professional experience at various renowned companies in the hotel and hospitality industry in Germany and abroad, she went back to her roots in Obertauern a few years ago. She likes to spend her spare time with the family and the children, mainly out in nature. “Personal contact with our guests is very important to us! Together with our team, we make Hotel Alpina a place where the vacation experience is the top priority, and where work is fun!”

Matthew-Steven Will, BA, MBA

Your host at Hotel Alpina

Being a cosmopolitan kind of man, Matthew Will decided to move from America to Austria more than ten years ago. His determination to relocate to Austria was born out of his love for his wife, Elisabeth Will, and this was reinforced by his love for his adopted country! His professionalism and his talent for management (which he has already proven many times in companies operating worldwide), make him a great all-rounder, easily adapting to the various tasks involved in the daily running of a hotel. His main focus is on the guests, so he has very high standards for performance and quality. “The decision to go to Obertauern with my family several years ago was a very easy one! Many ideas for our 4-star hotel have already been implemented, but we have plenty of plans and a great vision for the future!”

Your young hosts

Matthäus Rupert-Earl Will

Matthäus Rupert-Earl Will, the eldest of three siblings, was born in February 2009. With his open, lively and friendly nature, he brings such joy to the family - he’s our sunshine! 

Rosa Adele-Lilise Will

The second youngest of the family is Rosa. She was born in October 2011. Rosa is full of joy. She always has a smile on her face and her big blue eyes are irresistible.

Konstantin Jeffrey-Michael Will

Konstantin Jeffrey-Michael Will, our youngest son, was born in February 2014. He is full of energy, always buzzing, and keeps everyone busy!